Announcements 4 April 2013

Hey Everyone!

Here are the orders for this weeks meeting. They are coming very late to ya'll. Hopefully after this week and doing some planning with the cadets of what training is going to take place this will be remedied. Please cadets (who have been in long enough to have their 101 cards), take a look at your GTM3 rating and see what you have left to complete for this rating. 
Seniors, You should also look at your GTM3 ratings and see where you are at. If you want to advance your ground team training you need to be proactive as well. 
All, it looks like they are offering first aid/CPR refresher at Wing Conference this year. Another reason to consider going to the conference. I have my hotel room booked.....
See you all soon!

Amanda Grandke, Maj., CAP

Racine Composite Squadron, Commander