Interesting Facts

~The Gibraltar Airport has a 4-lane highway going through the middle. When planes are taking off or landing, a barrier is put down on either side much like a train crossing. Pedestrians can even cross the runway.

~For those of you who are scared to fly, this fact may help to ease your mind! Have a great day!!!!A commercial aircraft door will not open in flight because it is actually bigger than the window frame itself, and the door opens inwards towards the cabin. To open, it must be opened inwards, rotated, and then slipped sideways out of the frame. Even if the door could somehow be opened, it would be like lifting a 2,200 pound weight

~If everyone in an airplane jumped into the air at the same time, would the plane get lighter? In fact, the opposite is true. Because of a basic law of physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so if you jump into the air, you actually force the airplane downward a little bit, thereby increasing its weight momentarily.

~Airplanes often cruise at around 35,000 feet. That sounds pretty far up, but compare this to the size of the earth itself: If the Earth were shrunk to the size of a typical desktop globe, the airplane would be cruising at only one - tenth of an inch (2.5 mm) off the surface. Wow... talk about insignificant!

~You can fit 6 million golf balls inside a Boeing 757 freighter.

~As a NASA civilian test pilot, Neil Armstrong made seven flights in the X-15 from December 1960 to July 1962. However, Armstrong wasn't the only astronaut to participate in the program; space shuttle commander Joe Engle made 16 X-15 flights, exceeding Mach 5, which is five times the speed of sound on 10 of those flights.

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Ground Team News

Here will be up coming news and vital information for the Ground Team.

~_15 November 2012_~

Ok tonight ladies and gentlemen we will be completing more of the GTM Ojectives and Training.  I want to go over just three more things on the lists to get every one up to speed.  One of which is the second hardest to complete.. setting up shelter.. marking a search line and the easist of the three tonight is identifying search clues (missing person(s))  I wrote missing person in brackets because there are a seperate clue structor and I will go over that as well tonght.

Thank you for your time and DRESS WARLY we WILL be in the FIELD tonight and it WILL BE COLD :-)

1st LT Grandke

~17 May 2012~

Ground Team ~ Everyone that is participating on the Missing Persons Search this Thursday must have their PPE and Field Gear.  AT MINIMUM You will need a coat, flash light, Water Bottle and your GTM3 and GTM2 SQTRs.  So I can sign you off on what is being done after the Search and after the closing announcements. 


Everyone please email me what you would like to do and what everyone needs for their GT Gear.  My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   this will go directly to my phone.  Supply is getting all the spare gear together so we can distribute it all to those who needs it.  From basic kits to advanced kits so please stay tuned.

26 April 2012

Not sure what Capt Grandke has in store for us this Thursday.  As SM Thoenes has stated before he needs a gear count.  Not the gear that you purchased but the gear you were issued.  I will be creating a checklist for everyone to fill out of what they have and what they need.  One column is going to be for what you currently have and the second will be for what you need.  Then when I am finished making that spreadsheet I will post it as a link so anyone can download it and use it.

1st Lt Grandke

19 April 2012

My team and I will be conducting an After Action Review (AAR) with the Ground Team that went out last Thursday.  Here we can and will discuss what we liked and what we want to change.  Please be honest if we are not.. well we cannot grow as a team and work to achieve a common goal.

12 April 2012

There is going to be a Ground Team and Aircrew Exercise Thursday.  I want to get wheels on ground as soon as we can.  I will be driving the Van and more details on the mission will follow.  

I will get the basic briefing before I give it to everyone in the classroom.  

BRING A JACKET.  Ground Team this is not an abnormal request.  Expect the unexpected Gloves, Hats, Flashlights, SQTRs.  The Uniform will be BDUs.  NO ES GEAR.  You wont need it at all.

See you all Thursday

1st LT Grandke


Racine Composite Squadron meets every Wednesday from 1900-2100 (7-9pm). We are located at the Army National Guard Armory, located at 700 24th Street, Racine, 53403.



Feel free to stop down and check us out!


If you have any questions, feel free to email the commander at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.